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Sunday, March 6, 2016

All right! who's prepared for another (3) posts! I would like to welcome you to the chicken fort. I now have 147 chickens and would like to inform you the hidden item is already out (hint: me doing this is my way of saying thanks) prize, this is actually a rare gift even though it doesn't sound like it. if you are the first to find it you get to pvp me in any of my houses (I don't even pvp my best friends. I hate it, so by doing this you get a honor they don't) (alternate prize if you don't like pvp. tour my houses, there are some changes due to lack of money but just pretend they were destroyed or sold to buyers and this includes the house I haven't shown)  I will however note by saying its out includes this house, so don't go searching yet. shall we begin? (sorry this didn't go out last night, time management troubles. aka wanting to finish up loose ends in (both) games)

part 1, eye in the sky...
remember when you could sell crows nests in the bazaar (see here) well I managed to pick up a few before they changed it. so it resulted in just enough to put it in the places I wanted with one left over (including the one that I bought) this will be part one of the chicken fort. seeing the place from the sky and what its like to be on lookout from these points. sorry no story this post, saving it for the actual house, but ill give you something in return. its not a story but its not a ad, something in between.

 you know how look out points in a fort are crucial. well what if you don't have them? considering chickens aren't tall I would say we need allot. thankfully we do. thanks to the magic of (insert name here) we shall look into how the chickens solved their problem...

A good view of insanity at its best.

btw those are all Aquila galleons with the metal spike. when I decorate, I go all out

yay extra protection

double yay!

ever notice I'm crazy?

this is monquista and I have water, of course I need heavy duty weapons

2 guards, a dog and a scorpion. eh I ran out of companions

if you look closely you see that the water is going off the island. and its a small island. where is all the water coming from?

thick walls, lots of chickens. perfect...

I question whether or not stone guards helps.  

that fire is really close to that banner. ill fix it when I care.

all the bamboo barriers. I wouldn't run here.

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