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Saturday, March 19, 2016

jacks guide to soloing rooke

A guide to battle of Trafalgar In Marleybone on pirate:
For this ill be trying to make it a guide for all classes, mind you I have only done him on a buck so try to bear with me. this is more of a solo guide
Okay you start out with a battle. A normal mob battle but you get to pick your companions (all battles you do) for gear you want to get gear you can stick with the whole run. For melee classes you won't need to change your weapon, but for ranged I suggest a weapon that has both a melee weapon and your ranged. I'll go more into rooke when I get to him
k your first goal in the dungeon. defeat them and your good to go

I picked bonnie which will be helpful for part of the first part of the dungeon peter quint (I suggest you get your version of peter if your ranged don't use them after the second fight) and Goro. I'm picking a tank (goro) a damage (bonnie) and a extra (peter) if you can stick with them

I like to do a stay back and let them come strategy here. they run into the fire, I don't usually do buffs but it doesn't hurt,

Ok you will see them spreading out. more focused where you see them. Stay back and watch them hurt themselves.

Ranged is good here since you can shoot them and soften them up before they get to you

You'r going to have to get up close and personal. Try to pick some melee

I like to go for the melee first. Its just me. idk about you

Its good to try to kill as fast as possible. 

k noticed how I haven't moved much, they had to come to me and they burn

k after the first fight you have to clear debris. onto the next fight 

k next fight, choose bonnie for sure. her long range can take out the fire. clear it after they come close enough her to be in range. more damage that way

sticking with peter, he's useful. I would stick with him if ranged, ditch them next round

fires gone, dogs coming

if you have a charm pet it can be good. they can charm armada and they fight each other

just some extra footage

now the dogs are free they fight for you. they don't do much damage but do offer somewhat of a distraction

it is nice to have some extra help though

one usually gets trapped back there. try to push them all away from that small opening

try to get gear with allot of high damage powers.

It seems they always get stuck there. pick the people who you want to kill wisely

get some last minute heals in if you can. your going to need it next fight

going to have to shoot a cannon into a armada ship yay!

now for some fun. armada dragoons!

lets start already. fight fight fight!

we get to go first. take advantage of that

spread out like so. make sure if they bomb they can only hit one of you. however there is a twist see below

the dragoons aren't going to bomb you. they will bomb the items in the biggest group. which means they will attack the debris. not you. sometimes only one will bomb sometimes all. just be sure to keep track of which one bombed and which didn't.

okay so you want to try and stay spread out as long as possible, when they come within range of you (melee) that means they aren't going to bomb you. for ranged remember to use a weapon with a melee part. and also no ranged companions. we all know that from that fight on isle of fetch

I like to stop them in about the middle the fires help out allot but its also good to let them come to you either works.

they come out pretty evenly at first but since I place my leftover companion at the middle they seem to go there

again use the fires to your advantage

time to do some switching. move one companion to the end the other close to where the old companion was

It would be good to do some damage reduction here. right before they come

since your better than your companions you want to get one away from the group and solo him. it leaves one distracted and the companions to gang up on the others without extra damage on them

with musketeer/witchdoctor players you should try and find some melee attack gear for your class. it will help allot

again solo one. see if you can get one with bombs to focus on you

a good outline. get 3 grouped in the middle and one away

top view. try to keep away from fires especially if they are only hurting you

try to focus every companion on one. when they regroup there will be less dragoons

time for Rooke now the fun really begins

long boring speech. if your farming just press spacebar and hold down

If you can teleport in between Nelson and Rooke. You can get this through the hoodoo bundle or satos rain shades

Let your companions move forward to the other armada rooke has to ways to go now. directly to attack you or moving away from the admiral

Those fires aren't going to do you any good. Get rid of them.

 Leave one companion sort of close to nelson if Rooke goes that way but not to close if he goes the other way.

As you can see he went for me. now move your companions towards you. make sure you look for marines. it will get annoying when they stop you and you could have avoided it.

Now I'm doing bloods flames. it will help take Rooke out quick. Make sure you don't do them first round! find out where Rooke is going then do them

I did vengeance strike which stunned him and so he wont do the cheat where if you get close to him he will push you back, he wont do any of his talents and if you shoot him he wont absorb it and shoot back. And you can do whatever powers (even ranged) without consequence (note he will however not take damage if you shoot him with a normal attack. not sure about witchdoctors but I believe its the same thing) and remember, this only happens when he is stunned!

The dogs might come and attack Rooke, as you can see from the stars above Rookes head he is stunned and cant fight back use this to your advantage while you can.

As you can see bloods flames helped a lot. well worth farming for if your going to farm Rooke

its the next round. Rooke already almost dead. Move your companions as close as they can get and hope Rooke comes to you (note on the pushback he cant push you back if your back is to something but as soon as you are within his range he will strike so try to get it right, if you go in between someone he wont push you back from what I've seen. but if you don't do this and he does the cheat and your back is to something it will still do damage so be warned)

It was very good I put goro near me. He was in range and avoided most armada. It is always good to have a backup companion for both you and the dogs.

just a little extra fighting. it will go on until the killer is done

 collecting chests, you have a chance for one of his items but he barely even drops and most of the time its junk. so don't get your hopes to high

they moved the second chance chest, so you don't have to do the second fight just to get to it. don't spend to much at once though

going back down. be prepared and make sure health is full

k sometimes I make a mistake see below

don't go up these stairs, I just want to note this because sometimes people do. as you can see its blocked

yay explosions!

yet again with Rooke

k basically the same. do as first fight but with Rooke cheats

okay so here I do some strategy I don't want Rooke to get to far away from the barrels. I'm going to use them while I can

make sure your in this area. its important to get Rooke by the fire. it makes the fight much easier

as you can see I'm not even getting near him and he's taking damage

using Satos shades. getting behind Rooke to set off the barrel. spreading out companions

little re change. I noticed I went to all the fires. my bad that's a risk you make when you go here

some action shots. springer is soloing Rooke while I set all the bombs off

k that's one of his cheats. I just did mills because I wanted a all dog team (and that resulted in a companion dying, my bad)

counter gambit. Rooke will keep on attacking until he misses. so make sure you choose companions with good dodge

I love this picture. the mighty general of the armada kneeling down to the might of Marleybone

and this will result in Rookes death

Rooke dead. and now the rest of the crew

springer died due to my incompetence. I didn't make Dan heal him which led to his death. how the mighty have fallen

-jack currently sword fighting ghosts

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