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Monday, March 14, 2016

a few places to farm when your membership runs out (in wiz)
1 rattlebones location, unicorn way rattlebones tower

 item looking for: his one shot gauntlet, fairly easy drop especially if high lvl

2 (holiday only) lord nightshade location, haunted cave, at the end of triton avenue 

 items looking for: allot of holiday gear and some pets. this guy is easier than the jade oni and still drops allot of cool holiday gear I would suggest looking him up on wizard101 wiki and seeing what he drops and what you want.

3 sergeant skullsplitter location:  triton avenue skull fort

 items to look for, triton statue

4 lady blackhope location, unicorn way lady blackhopes tower

 items to look for, unicorn statue (note it used to be were no base could fit the statue but they fixed that)

5 kraken, location. triton avenue, go to the portal by blad raveneye and then go to the teleporter on the far end of sohomer sunblade. then go to the kraken, I suggest a low population realm since the kraken is often crowded

 items to drop: on the valentines day week he drops a cupig although may take some work it beats buying it with crowns or having to spend gold and be on timer for a hatch

that's about all of them, I'm not including people from the b.o.x. events or the lost pages (or bosses that come on holidays) because reasons. see you guys soon!


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