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Sunday, March 20, 2016

a clockwork in port regal skyway. a journy of betrayal

hello my fellow sailors of the burning sky's! (or walkers of the lava filled land) shall we do a special post? I think we shall. behold! a clockwork in port regal skyway!
starting base. lets get ready
sailing to our fort in my captured ship. no dog will attack me now!
my quick pit stop. lets begin
my assigned passport impersonator. I will be catbeard for the entrance to port regal

sailing from the catspaw. now things get risky

I believe my paperwork is in order... and I look nothing like the armada you say I look like. see no axe
gee mr, I really wasn't going to capture the governor

pls move that gun. I swear no cannons were sabotaged

governor mansion? I never knew. I have to get going now... 

you saw me throwing supplies over the edge? well this is awkward... soooooo. do you golf?
you saw me throwing supplies over the edge? well this is awkward...

please sir. no need for reinforcements. I was running from a duck. they are very territorial
time to invade the fort. FOR KANE!

I swear I will avenge those who lost their clockwork lives to these dogs

guards at the front already? this is troubling


fight on brothers. fight on. I will be in this bush watching you

fire in the hole!!!!!
my secret source. he will help me free who I want to free

I see redcoats... this can't be good

armada! they plan to attack me! I was betrayed! I swear VENGENCE!!!!!

I will approach them slowly....

I will break this penguin free, as revenge to the spiral!

well he complained... but this prison cell is pretty nice...

more redcoats... I will enjoy this.

they haven't attacked? maybe they don't see me

they saw me... and this is what they got.
even more armada against me. I was set up, now I cry oil

preparing to fight me. they will not make it to their 3:30 oil spa appointment!

they fire on their own kind! for shame! *sprays with water*

I kick you in the face!

o: a officer. I will destroy him!

now I escape, but I will have to fight yet again!

now I sail to the fort. I will get my vengeance!

guards, there are always guards...

no guards left! yay :D

hmmm. I will have to destroy the supplies down here. to bad they brought reinforcements.. for them
time to blow some stuff up!

have fun fixing that >:D

the smoke. so much smoke

more armada!?! my work will never end

finally cleared out. what to destroy next...

guess I'm blowing up more barrels. TO GLORY!

time to pay a visit to home base...

-jack. fighting bone drakes

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