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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

50th post! I want to say thank you for those who have been here since the beginning and a thank you too those who are just joining the fun! john will give a speech he prepared
so beautiful. I'm crying over those wonderful words. a big hand for john. Give that chicken some corn!
now for the easter eggs mooshu! lets begin!
i like this reference, its subtle. it was once believed that the world was carried on the back of a giant turtle. this is a little reference to that

the terracotta warriors. in the tomb of a emperor found by some peasant farmers there was a ton of clay warriors, none alike and were supposed to be there to guard the emperor

NINJA PIGS! of course i had to include them, they are deadly bacon! 
the horde, the reason the great wall of china was built (to keep the hoard out) pretty important part of history

and of course we have the monks. i don't remember how to get to the white lotus monks but ill just say this guy is part of them, the white lotus was a real thing and its history is pretty interesting. i suggest you look it up

samoorai. of course its samurai but the fact that they are cows and they added moo to the name makes it perfect. it makes sense because some samurai helmets had horns so it really does fit

of course giant robots fighting monsters, my favorite kind of movie

the dragons. not the expert on Chinese/Japanese history, but from what i understand dragons were symbolic and represented strength and power. so its pretty important
general tso and his chicken. I'm not going to do the entire dungeon because I'm short on time right now. but its a pretty funny easter egg!
the great mooda! (its a reference to Buddha who was a monk who achieved enlightenment.) now the question is, how do i get all that gold to my house?  as in other news, nearly to 200 chickens! a little chicken throwback time!

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