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Thursday, March 31, 2016

the chickinator *puts on golden sunglasses*

Arnold E.

Welcome back Dragonspyre crewmates aboard the USS Overpriced.
lets start out right
when doc bok picked up this guy he was asking for a red corn seed or blue corn seed. what is this the matchicks?

special thanks to my friend. she buys me chickens :D
now lets start for real (starting today, that was yesterday)

jacks log: spiral date: 3/31/16

i start out today as i log in with no friends. doc bok on vacation, he is visiting a friend "doctor boktopus) i don't know about him, i wouldn't trust a chicken with that name, what is he some gold goblin. its a marvel he even knows him. well at least its no Detective, man they just don't look good in Comics. its like there are 2 different universes out there...

30 minutes in...

no chickens. just a few people... also so few friends on. that could only mean one thing... i don't have a life, which means...I AM IMMORTAL!

update: not immortal apparently there is a difference between no social life and no life at all.

1 hour in...

I regret to inform you that I am having a zombie chicken apocalypse drill. This will be interrupt the currently scheduled posts and I will proceed back to the bazaar hunting once the drill is done. thank you for understanding and remember: there is no armor like knight armor in a zombie apocalypse!
what a um. "wonderful" zombie costume...

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

bazaar trek the insane generation

jacks log. spiral date:3/29/16

I am joined by doctor bok
he's half chicken half eagle. what a crazy spiral

we are on the hunt for new recruits for the chicken army. all i know is that this a chicken eat chicken spiral, and I'm wearing corn seed underwear. also on the hunt for guns. mainly because chickens don't have fingers to hold the swords. how they use the gun i don't know. but the better question is, how do they aim? i mean, they can't even see straight, their eyes are so far apart. i need to invest in shades for them. termichickens. don't see that in allot of Sci-Fi movies. may need to cast Arnold eggenbaconer. may the gods of chickens bless that poultry's soul.

conclusion of first 30 min
no luck, not a chicken in sight, I'm beginning to wonder, are we alone in the universe? what's a scarier question is, if there is and its intelligent why has it chosen not to contact us? i may never know. because i don't watch the news.

1 hour in
doctor bok is getting worried no recruits are showing, is it going to be another dry day? only time will tell, until then i shall never leave this spot!

no chickens all day. SEND ME A SIGN FROM THE HEAVENS! the gods must be crazy!

Monday, March 28, 2016

post series coming starting soon

to make up for the no new character series (i don't like seeing the same story twice, especially in a video game) ill be doing a bazaar hunters log. as a max, bazaar farming (or hunting) is my favorite past time. with jokes, easter eggs and perhaps some puzzles if i feel like it. be prepared because i have no idea what i'm actually doing

Sunday, March 27, 2016

happy easter! 2016

HAPPY EASTER! have an egg (~) now lets get this part started!

we shall do skull island today! I'm on a sugar high so lets begin before i pass out!

the rat pack. it was a group of actors lead by Humphry bogart until his death. allot of the rat pack bosses in skull island refer to the members of this group

captain avery (based off of henry every) was a pirate who managed to actually retire with his wealth and live. which is rare. it is said he died in poverty after being cheated out of all his money. ooo avery is in trouble.

well we all know what this references too so no use explaining it

ahh my favorite reference. the godfather is the obvious reference here and they do a good job with the voice. i still do owe him a few favors...

strong john silver a reference to long john silver's a sea food restaurant. i never did like sea food. 

flotsam means a ship wreck washed up by the sea. like this for example is a bunch of ship wrecks all washed up.

a black spot to a pirate means you get stranded on a island with one shot in a gun and a dagger in other words death. yay death tavern

scrimshaw is carving things on bones and since that's what the rats did to these bones that's how the place got its name

this is a reference to the jetsons a old tv show on cartoon network. it was a song on there that's actually sort of catchy,

ah treasure island. another favorite book. blind mew (or blind pew in the book) was a blind man who helps the main character find the treasure. i am out of time so cya!

-jack currently trying attack draconians

Saturday, March 26, 2016

monquista easter eggs! (with a hint of skull island)

come with me if you want to live....or maybe see monkeys who value themselves over all others. a short story before we begin.
once upon a time i was farming Antonius in Ithaca. at the first battle bonnie Anne died. she was forever shunned then end. that is the story of how i deal with companions.

named after a real queen. queen anne of England. under queen anne the 2 kingdoms of England and Scotland became great Britain, which is like what she did by creating a new kingdom

the house of Borgias was from Valencia during the renaissance they were high in political affairs in the 15th and 16th century and had 2 popes to their name. and the quest line for this guy has some political importance to the Borgia family name.

this little guy is a easter egg to Indiana Jones. this is the holy grail scene where Indie chooses the right holy grail while his enemy choses the wrong one and dies. luckily for our pirate there is only one monkey paw. and this is a extra reference to a short story about a monkey paw that grants 3 wishes but if you aren't pure of heart it ends up bad.

this is a reference to a actual place in spain. located on a arid plateau yet is good for farming this place is the same and has some well know people who were born there. although its not covered in bananas now and isn't in ruins

2 references to the same book. first the monkey, named after Sancho panza the traveling fools squire and says many humorous things and ironic Spanish proverbs, donkey hotay or Don Quixote is the main character in the book is from la mancha and is a all around fool and the book is considered one of the greatest fiction book ever published

NOBODY EXPECTS THE MONQUISTION! the form of the Spanish inquisition and that line is a play off of a Monty Python skit. all around just crazy little monkeys

gortez is played off of the famous conquistador Cortez who conquered the Aztecs. and then there is queen Eleanor of castile. why i think its her is explained next

its funny how Eleanor of castile is close to castellan guards. names sound similar and they are in monkey central, i do want to point out how the door is much smaller than the monkeys.

ah curious George. the monkey in the yellow hat. very obvious, now onto the fact that there is no good monkey gear...
-jack currently riding dragons and setting buildings on fire after looting them

Friday, March 25, 2016

valencia easter eggs

valencia is our next stop! I just barely got enough Easter eggs for this to be a top 10. I'm sick so going to make this short.
Thaddeus (stevens) is a college that focuses on technology. seeing that this is a school full of robots this seems appropriate

Gonzago is a person who was murdered in hamlet. this guy is on stage and hamlet is part of history which leads me to believe this is the person from hamlet

aragon is a community in spain that goes with a medieval kingdom in spain 

granchia is (i think) named after grancia which is in the lugano district of Switzerland and had a church built on the ruins of another church and i believe that this is what the church is by going under the whole island.

so i cant show music on camera but the music is based off of a movie called "a clockwork orange" not going to say what its about since its kind of a horror and its a really messed up movie

this guy is named after Battista Della Porta who was a Italian scholar. he studied allot of fields of science. to think he would be serving fuel at a rich unicorns house on a floating island. what has this world come to 

there is a constanza in the Dominican Republic but i believe he is named after Constanta in Romania (it is much closer to Italy and has allot of history) it is historically known as Tomis and is oldest continually habited city in Romania  

Marco Pollo. of course no need to explain the easter egg. creator of the map and great explorer.

sivella is named after Seville in Spain. Cristopher Columbus's tomb and is the capitol of southern Spain's Andalusia region

this guy is either a coincidence or on purpose. Ludovico Einaudi is a Italian composer and pianist. I'm guessing coincidence


Thursday, March 24, 2016

cool ranch easter eggs DIY

that will be our area of focus today, we visit the jail today, full of outlaws i rounded up to show you! they were to shy to take some lone photos so there wont be as many photos today. shall we begin with the showcase of the recalls?
This time its your job to look them up. I'm assigning you homework over this break

look up all these outlaws and learn some history (some aren't that wild west related)

now get out your pens and pencils! get out some paper! and look up the math answers on the internet! better hurry up before the buffaloon beats you to the history books!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

50th post! I want to say thank you for those who have been here since the beginning and a thank you too those who are just joining the fun! john will give a speech he prepared
so beautiful. I'm crying over those wonderful words. a big hand for john. Give that chicken some corn!
now for the easter eggs mooshu! lets begin!
i like this reference, its subtle. it was once believed that the world was carried on the back of a giant turtle. this is a little reference to that

the terracotta warriors. in the tomb of a emperor found by some peasant farmers there was a ton of clay warriors, none alike and were supposed to be there to guard the emperor

NINJA PIGS! of course i had to include them, they are deadly bacon! 
the horde, the reason the great wall of china was built (to keep the hoard out) pretty important part of history

and of course we have the monks. i don't remember how to get to the white lotus monks but ill just say this guy is part of them, the white lotus was a real thing and its history is pretty interesting. i suggest you look it up

samoorai. of course its samurai but the fact that they are cows and they added moo to the name makes it perfect. it makes sense because some samurai helmets had horns so it really does fit

of course giant robots fighting monsters, my favorite kind of movie

the dragons. not the expert on Chinese/Japanese history, but from what i understand dragons were symbolic and represented strength and power. so its pretty important
general tso and his chicken. I'm not going to do the entire dungeon because I'm short on time right now. but its a pretty funny easter egg!
the great mooda! (its a reference to Buddha who was a monk who achieved enlightenment.) now the question is, how do i get all that gold to my house?  as in other news, nearly to 200 chickens! a little chicken throwback time!