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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Jack and armadatraz part II

                              Jack and armadatraz part II being highly annoying

"Brass monkey, we meet again." said Jack hoping to charm his way out of a sever sentence.

"Indeed captain, now you will pay for your cheating ways."

"Its not cheating if I won fairly..." said Jack who seemed to be already annoyed with the discussion.

"You cheated!" said the brass monkey who was already annoyed with the discussion.

"Hey I got a joke what do you get when you cross a sore and a loser?" said jack smiling.

"A sore loser?" said the brass monkey.

"No, the brass monkey!" laughed Jack.

Now the brass monkey was mad and he stood on his desk and yelled, "THAT'S IT! Life sentence for you and your crew! OUT! "

"oh brass, you got something on your shirt." Jack pointed to his shirt and when the brass monkey looked down he flicked his nose and put him in the trash basket.

" I think the warden has already found where he belongs, also did you know gullible isn't in the dictionary?" said jack.

"It isn't? I didn't know that." said the brass monkey who spilled the trashcan getting out.

"Clean up on isle numbskull!" laughed Jack.

"Just take him away!"

"I feel no emotion but my processors tell me that was funny." said the guard who was taking Jack to his cell.

"guess what guys our sentence is..." find out next month on...

"You call that a cliffhanger?!"

"Let me guess yours ratbeard oh I don't know... a explosion!?!"

"Did you know..."

"That it seems all you can say that your father is Zeus?"

"You want a better cliffhanger huh? ill give you one, tune in next time to find out if a certain rat walks the plank or not"

"That's not the answer to your problems!"

"Oh that's right, your totally correct like you said blowing it up is always the answer so tune in next time to see if ratbeard can take what he dishes..."

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