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Monday, February 29, 2016

part 2 when life gives you lemons, you don't always have the lemon juicer...
lets paint another picture and let me ask you a question. first the question. What's a pirate without a ship? answer a thief. that's what they are now, thief's who charge more than its worth. now for the picture. imagine a busy port, filled with people, traders who are trying to sell you things you don't need, dock workers fixing ships and loading cargo to sail across the seas (or skyways) to send cargo to far off lands. now see what its like now

not what you imagined huh? but it was once just like that. a busy port with tons of cargo to ship and sell. chickens and pirates loading cargo onto a diverse number of ships and meeting clients to show what they have. now left with no ships and a dock full of cargo things will truly never be the same
there isn't much to tell about the outside now. just once filled with random meet up places and a few cargo hold areas here and there. also along the edges were the cannon defense, so I will tell you the code names of the area meet ups and what cargo was traded.
" meet up at the twin peaks." those 2 buildings were a meeting place to discuss potential buying of goods, nothing traded but it was used as a secure locating to plan a contract and deal it."
"go to the roof of the cavern." this was named because a cavern is below the light, and since its a lighthouse, well you get the idea. the main thing that was sold here was ore, used to make weapons, armor, and tools.

"go to the falling rivers last light" the meeting place was beside the door, guns and swords were traded here, this name was not chosen for the lanterns, but for the gleam of the metal off of the weapons.
"set up camp at the crescent lake." this place was used to trade gun powder, however some mysterious things have happened here, such as on every full moon the water would turn black, it was never found out if that was because of a prank or something else...
"look for the pipes that spout silver" named for the pipes that when the moon goes over them the water looks like molten silver. this was a trading place for treasures from far off lands, such as statues from Aquila
"go to where the earth touches the sky" this place was meant to trade spices, nothing bad but only hard to get.
"go to where the eyes of the sun cannot see you wait" this place was the area where anything that wasn't listed as a main export. from banned weapons to fake gold coins if its not legal its sold here.
now you have seen the shadow of what once was and will only decline...

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