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Monday, February 29, 2016

I chose the house closing my eyes and clicking randomly. and I chose........... the old smuggling house.  these will be 2 parts, 1 post inside 1 post outside. lets begin with the inside, a story of its own...
Let me paint a picture in your head. Its the beginning of the marleybone war, armada invading and the marleybone fleet fighting the armada fleet as they enter. The armada is already beginning blockading the marleybonian people from all outside supplies. Times are already looking down for the iron dogs of marleybone, they have what they can make and capture, and they have to eat lots of marleymite... some people see this as a disaster, others a opportunity... the frog father is seeming to go unopposed, until another set of pirating animals come in. from Aquila to skull island, the chickenfather has come and settled moving his heart of operations straight to the source of income.

 Now for the story. Without a permanent home all of the golden chickens and their hired thugs have settled in the small island, secluded from the war and the grasps of the frogfather. even as they started to begin they made millions of gold in profit, selling food and weapons to the citizens, selling outside supplies to the military, cannonballs and gunpowder to the strained parts of the navy, as things began to grow  they outsourced their runs to Valencia, even the frogfather had no say in smuggling there. Feeding the fuel against the armada times were very prosperous, however when things began to turn as beachhead was destroyed and rooke was defeated in the battle of Trafalgar things came to a halt. armada resistance was being defeated and the marleybonian navy was pulling together and beginning to gain what they had lost. Now with the war dying the chickenfather is alone with a small crew and a shipyard filled with smuggled goods no where to go...
when you first enter from the port you will walk into the treasure room, once It was filled with the most valuable treasures from across the spiral, now only holds a few valuables. a reflection of what has happened to this once mighty empire.
a room that was the private retreat of the chickenfather himself. it was said that he obtained most of his wealth from this room alone. now it he rarely visits, it has been said with his source of income gone, so has been the magic of this room.
Once the meeting place of the top gangsters in the mob, this house was filled with all the pleasures a mobster needs. now it has been abandoned. the rare items and commodities sold to help keep the trading alive. it made enough to keep the mob steady, but for how long?

the room leading to the lighthouse where the top mobster lays. but will the be around to stay? or flee the coop.

the room dedicated to mooshu's tools of war. the chickenfathers favorite room. but even he realizes he will lose it eventually.
once his top sailing crew, the chickenfathers top smugglers are planning to abandon ship and seek lost treasure to claim their own. with them gone other smugglers will follow and soon, the rest of the black feathered empire...
the obsidian egg was once filled with everything a tavern should have, kegs of yum, tables, games, and people placing bets on impossible odds while drunk...
the lair of the head featherbrain himself. he was surrounded by the rarest items from skull island to Aquila. Now he holds what he can and tries to remember everything can be brought back, a mug of yum doesn't hurt in trying to remember it all to.

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