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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Jack and armadatraz episode I

                                              Jack & armadatraz: the great escape part 1

It was a normal day for jack nightingale and his crew, hunting for treasure and dropping water balloons on armada so they would short circuit. But after sneaking in to an armada dreadnought in Marlybone and blowing it up they ran into a little trouble, an entire armada fleet waiting for them. After taking care of them they fled to the nearest stormgate which unfortunately was to Valencia. In the stormgate fighting there way through a certain pyromaniac rat blew up the ship while they were fighting a prison ship on its way to fort Elena, now under armada control. But before I can tell you the rest of this story I’m going to tell you another. A long time ago very recently in a spiral far far away if you don’t drive a great adventure took place THE END.

Ratbeard:“You call that a story? Pshaw”

Jack:“Be quiet you rat last time you told a story the puppet show was nothing but a bunch of random explosions”

Kobe:“Enough of this conflict, continue with show.”

Hawkules“Did you know my father is Zeus?”

Jack:“Hey, did you know I don’t care? Anyways…”

The crew of the small but powerful Marlybone skiff “the Westminster warrior” was sitting in an armada jail ship, and…



Ratbeard:“Oh just because I blew up the ship I can’t celebrate the season”

Jack:“You can celebrate once were out of here… wait, you blew up the ship?”

Ratbeard:“You blamed it on me in the story didn’t you?”

Jack:“I was being realistic! I’m going to rip off your beard you rat, come here!” sorry were having technical difficulties please enjoy this new story while you wait.

“Jessica, you’ve been acting strange lately, what is wrong?” “Oh brad, I’ve wanted to tell you this for a long time” “yes, what is it?” “I… I…” we now return you to your previously scheduled story already in progress…

Jack:“Now that Ratbeard is… tied up, I can continue…”

Hawkules:“Did you know…” Jack:“That 100% of household accidents happen in the house, yes, yes I did.”

Hawkules:“I was going to say that a day technically has 23.9 hours but whatever”

Gracie:“Leave the technical things to the only person who knows what a piston is.”

Kobe:“Also did you know that the seedy things on a strawberry are actually the fruit?”

Jack:“Interesting Kobe, now can I continue with the story?”


Hawkules“Did you know my father is Zeus?”

Jack:“BE QUIET!”

The crew now in fort Elena were being marched to their cell. “March prisoners, one to three four one to three four.”

Armada:“You! Pirate captain the warden wants to see you.”

Jack:“It was Ratbeard!”


Armada:“No captain the warden asked for you specifically. He used the term, you pirate scum”

Jack:“This is all your fault ratbeard”

Ratbeard:“Why me?”  

Bonnie:“You git, you blew up the ship remember?”

Ratbeard:“Oh yaaa, but who leaves a bunch of gunpowder open in the room where the ammunition and cannons are?”

Jack:“That would be everyone Ratbeard”

Jack:“Okay here’s the wardens office, he can’t be too bad” with that jack opened the door to meet the person who would give him the sentence to how long he would stay. “Oh no I don’t like the looks of this.” 

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