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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Guide to the buccaneer class
The buccaneer class from what I've experienced has been looked somewhat down upon. That's mainly because people don't use the class properly.

 I see allot of "bucks" use them mainly as tanks. True that is what they were designed for but with this class you have to think outside of the design. I personally  (and it's effective) try to balance my damage with my armor. And I factor in my shields to such as leavy.

 Companions are a MAJOR important factor when it comes to the class. For a effective crew get 2 bucks (Peter quint) and another of choice. I use goro (get him by beating gortez 25 times then pay crowns to buy him) I set them with high armor, dodge, strength, and rough. This gives them the ability to take some hits and give them back. I like to give them the ability to deal numerous attacks in one turn defense and offence. Try to do that and for a swashbuckler for example will go down much faster. Get a damage companion in there. Nausica is great she is a ranged/melee attacker. If you don't have her I suggest bonnie. Remember to get as much attacks in them as you can, they can be the choice of defeat or victory (ex. Final battle of second dungeon of troy. I and my companions were dead except bonnie. All I'm going to say is she made me a snake skin hat) I'll be showing some pics on my gear, companion set ups and where to get the gear

 Bucks are tanks and are designed to be able to take enenimes mono a mono here's a strategy I find most effective on those fights. Let the enemy come to you. Go to a corner and set you and your tanks around your damage dealer (if you use Nausica stay near her at all times and don't be afraid to retreat her.) For fights with friends stay with them. Spread your tanks out to different groups and take the damage dealer with the group doing the least damage. Your the tank, do your job and tank as many people as you can (do as much damage as you can also)

 Unique fights: for these fights change your crew a bit. Like for gortez, I would use kobe he can move faster so use that. Use your charges on the farthest monkey (ect.) Hydra pick your tanks it's going to be a long fight (the rooke fight I'll get into later.) This requires lvling up all your crew but it's worth it (mainly because it won't bother you when you hit max)

 Farming: farming incase you dont know is beating someone over and over to gain something you desire. As a buck you areally great for this, you can do more fights faster while using up less yum-yum fruit. Like the time I farmed rooke for nearly a year day and night just to get the axe, but I got it *gives a cheer like groan*

 Basically, don't think that the class is described in the description of it, it's really what you do with it that describes it. I find this class more moldable into a new image than others, so what will you shape yours into?

Leave a comment on anything I might have missed (adding pictures tomorrow) have fun with the class, and you to will have people saying you are one of the best bucks they have seen (true story has happened on more than one occasion) good luck and good night
pictures on what to do with companions, gear to farm for, (note on peter I accidently picked agile I would pick strength)

pirate 3, turn the tide 2, relentless 3 vengeance strike 2, blade storm, second chance
                                  turn the tide, blade storm, relentless 3, vengeance strike 2
 quick adjust, burst fire 2, double tap 2, true grit (quick adjust is important it can get you the starting hit or continue the cycle)
 gear to farm for:

                                 tower of moo Manchu. in paths of penance in mooshu subata skyway
                        equipped: look above, not equipped the minotaur Aquila, Knossos
see crown shop click the ring icon go all the way down above the ring with the green jewel costs 2250 crowns

tower of moo Manchu, axe, acquired at the nefarious 5, 5th floor, staff moo Manchu top floor number 10
equipped: tower of moo Manchu, drops any floor also from group chests, gladiator gaiters: the empire bundle, costs 39 dollars can be bought on the pirate101 webpage click here
equipped: I got mine from bishop, he drops better than rooke but rooke also drops it. see above for the other one

(note these 2 are optional both drop from tower of moo Manchu equipped top floor and the other group chest or top floor and nefarious 5)
the equipped drops from rooke or bishop. again try bishop he drops more items. do the first bishop battle, go back out then repeat less time more bishop encounters. the one with assassin strike I would fight monkey kings doppelgangers, located in monkey kings cave.
pet you want to try to get:

you want to try to get a pet like this. I would trade the charm for turn the tide, but it will do. if you do get turn the tide and elusive use the staff of power.

those are the pictures I wish you luck if your starting a buccaneer or a old timer buck see you guys soon!

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