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Monday, February 29, 2016

part 2 when life gives you lemons, you don't always have the lemon juicer...
lets paint another picture and let me ask you a question. first the question. What's a pirate without a ship? answer a thief. that's what they are now, thief's who charge more than its worth. now for the picture. imagine a busy port, filled with people, traders who are trying to sell you things you don't need, dock workers fixing ships and loading cargo to sail across the seas (or skyways) to send cargo to far off lands. now see what its like now

not what you imagined huh? but it was once just like that. a busy port with tons of cargo to ship and sell. chickens and pirates loading cargo onto a diverse number of ships and meeting clients to show what they have. now left with no ships and a dock full of cargo things will truly never be the same
there isn't much to tell about the outside now. just once filled with random meet up places and a few cargo hold areas here and there. also along the edges were the cannon defense, so I will tell you the code names of the area meet ups and what cargo was traded.
" meet up at the twin peaks." those 2 buildings were a meeting place to discuss potential buying of goods, nothing traded but it was used as a secure locating to plan a contract and deal it."
"go to the roof of the cavern." this was named because a cavern is below the light, and since its a lighthouse, well you get the idea. the main thing that was sold here was ore, used to make weapons, armor, and tools.

"go to the falling rivers last light" the meeting place was beside the door, guns and swords were traded here, this name was not chosen for the lanterns, but for the gleam of the metal off of the weapons.
"set up camp at the crescent lake." this place was used to trade gun powder, however some mysterious things have happened here, such as on every full moon the water would turn black, it was never found out if that was because of a prank or something else...
"look for the pipes that spout silver" named for the pipes that when the moon goes over them the water looks like molten silver. this was a trading place for treasures from far off lands, such as statues from Aquila
"go to where the earth touches the sky" this place was meant to trade spices, nothing bad but only hard to get.
"go to where the eyes of the sun cannot see you wait" this place was the area where anything that wasn't listed as a main export. from banned weapons to fake gold coins if its not legal its sold here.
now you have seen the shadow of what once was and will only decline...

I chose the house closing my eyes and clicking randomly. and I chose........... the old smuggling house.  these will be 2 parts, 1 post inside 1 post outside. lets begin with the inside, a story of its own...
Let me paint a picture in your head. Its the beginning of the marleybone war, armada invading and the marleybone fleet fighting the armada fleet as they enter. The armada is already beginning blockading the marleybonian people from all outside supplies. Times are already looking down for the iron dogs of marleybone, they have what they can make and capture, and they have to eat lots of marleymite... some people see this as a disaster, others a opportunity... the frog father is seeming to go unopposed, until another set of pirating animals come in. from Aquila to skull island, the chickenfather has come and settled moving his heart of operations straight to the source of income.

 Now for the story. Without a permanent home all of the golden chickens and their hired thugs have settled in the small island, secluded from the war and the grasps of the frogfather. even as they started to begin they made millions of gold in profit, selling food and weapons to the citizens, selling outside supplies to the military, cannonballs and gunpowder to the strained parts of the navy, as things began to grow  they outsourced their runs to Valencia, even the frogfather had no say in smuggling there. Feeding the fuel against the armada times were very prosperous, however when things began to turn as beachhead was destroyed and rooke was defeated in the battle of Trafalgar things came to a halt. armada resistance was being defeated and the marleybonian navy was pulling together and beginning to gain what they had lost. Now with the war dying the chickenfather is alone with a small crew and a shipyard filled with smuggled goods no where to go...
when you first enter from the port you will walk into the treasure room, once It was filled with the most valuable treasures from across the spiral, now only holds a few valuables. a reflection of what has happened to this once mighty empire.
a room that was the private retreat of the chickenfather himself. it was said that he obtained most of his wealth from this room alone. now it he rarely visits, it has been said with his source of income gone, so has been the magic of this room.
Once the meeting place of the top gangsters in the mob, this house was filled with all the pleasures a mobster needs. now it has been abandoned. the rare items and commodities sold to help keep the trading alive. it made enough to keep the mob steady, but for how long?

the room leading to the lighthouse where the top mobster lays. but will the be around to stay? or flee the coop.

the room dedicated to mooshu's tools of war. the chickenfathers favorite room. but even he realizes he will lose it eventually.
once his top sailing crew, the chickenfathers top smugglers are planning to abandon ship and seek lost treasure to claim their own. with them gone other smugglers will follow and soon, the rest of the black feathered empire...
the obsidian egg was once filled with everything a tavern should have, kegs of yum, tables, games, and people placing bets on impossible odds while drunk...
the lair of the head featherbrain himself. he was surrounded by the rarest items from skull island to Aquila. Now he holds what he can and tries to remember everything can be brought back, a mug of yum doesn't hurt in trying to remember it all to.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

coming soon to a dragonspyre blog near you...
A Tale Of 6 Houses...
join me as I tell you the story behind my 6 houses, I will tell them over a week (one house has 2 parts)
get exclusive pictures of my new house before its finished...
find out why I have so many chickens...
see if you can spot the hidden item...
find out exactly how many chickens I have...
and judge if I'm crazy or not...
houses include...
the abandoned original chicken colony (find out why its abandoned)
the old chicken smuggling ring hideout (is it still in operation?)
fort dorado (why do chickens need a fort anyways?)
the island of the golden nest (gold chicken capital city)
gilded traders cove (the main source of income, but income for what?)
the newest house, the island of the lost hideaway (who are the chickens there?)
bonus footage! inside the average chicken ship!
coming soon!
rated R (for ridiculous)
 narrator jack nightingale lvl 65 buccaneer

Jack and armadatraz part II

                              Jack and armadatraz part II being highly annoying

"Brass monkey, we meet again." said Jack hoping to charm his way out of a sever sentence.

"Indeed captain, now you will pay for your cheating ways."

"Its not cheating if I won fairly..." said Jack who seemed to be already annoyed with the discussion.

"You cheated!" said the brass monkey who was already annoyed with the discussion.

"Hey I got a joke what do you get when you cross a sore and a loser?" said jack smiling.

"A sore loser?" said the brass monkey.

"No, the brass monkey!" laughed Jack.

Now the brass monkey was mad and he stood on his desk and yelled, "THAT'S IT! Life sentence for you and your crew! OUT! "

"oh brass, you got something on your shirt." Jack pointed to his shirt and when the brass monkey looked down he flicked his nose and put him in the trash basket.

" I think the warden has already found where he belongs, also did you know gullible isn't in the dictionary?" said jack.

"It isn't? I didn't know that." said the brass monkey who spilled the trashcan getting out.

"Clean up on isle numbskull!" laughed Jack.

"Just take him away!"

"I feel no emotion but my processors tell me that was funny." said the guard who was taking Jack to his cell.

"guess what guys our sentence is..." find out next month on...

"You call that a cliffhanger?!"

"Let me guess yours ratbeard oh I don't know... a explosion!?!"

"Did you know..."

"That it seems all you can say that your father is Zeus?"

"You want a better cliffhanger huh? ill give you one, tune in next time to find out if a certain rat walks the plank or not"

"That's not the answer to your problems!"

"Oh that's right, your totally correct like you said blowing it up is always the answer so tune in next time to see if ratbeard can take what he dishes..."

Thursday, February 25, 2016


               As we know pirate101 has been lacking in the updates. so I've decided to make a guide on how to spend your time and money (the more you spend the more you will farm for) this will give you a reason to buy that membership, get back on and have something new to talk about with your friends! I will talk about things from collecting, housing, pulling together a fleet and more... some are obvious some are not but in the end it will give you a reason to get back on, times wasting so lets begin
1. collecting...
if you know me you will know I collect golden chickens (from Aquila) I have collected over 100! of them which has earned me a spot on one of the pirate101 newsletters. it doesn't have to be as odd as mine, it could be statues, weapons, gear sets, mounts, companions etc. the point is these things cost money and its a great past time but remember one the chicken guy.
                                                                     2. farming...
farming is beating a enemy over and over to gain a desired item. for example I spent nearly a year farming for the entire armada elite custom set, a year I would have spent in boredom. just by doing that you set a goal and wont get distracted from no content. this also gives you a reason to buy a membership which gives KI more money which reduces time until launch. It also gives you allot of gold in the long run,
                                                    3. decorating your house('s)...
I currently have 6 houses, all but one are done and decorated. I would check out Paige Moonshade's site on wizard101 called paige's page. She has allot of great decorating tips and a few housing contests every now and then. For example I will show you 2 houses I have done 1 is the commodores garrison after a "armada attack" and the next is the sharpshooters citadel which I have converted as a base for my chicken "Army" (you could say I'm the emperor of chickens and yes I know what being called a chicken means)

                      As you can see the armada left it in ruins (can you notice anything else?)

yes I know what your thinking, and I probably am somewhat crazy. but I combined 2 of my past times and molded them into something beautiful. try and do that with your things and it will make it twice as fun! Its also fun to put a story behind your house. its boring if its just there, add a story and it will be worth making and remaking. if you need to take parts away for example my armada attack house was way different. I needed some parts and made it a mini apocalypse. so it has 2 stories.
                                                             4. building a navy...
what would make your pirate stronger? something to show off? something that says your a very rich pirate? something that will strike fear into your enemies? how about all of the above. a navy with maxed out gear and high level ships shows you have all the doubloons in the spiral and if there ever is navy combat in pirate101 you will be ready. As a bonus they Sunbrand can add to your story for your house they can show your base is a fortress, or a simple trading colony. it may take awhile, but that's the point isn't it? I'm still working on mine currently. So even though I've been maxed for years I still have something to do. you can have a marlybone navy, aquilan armada, even your own fleet of pirate ships. here are some of my ships I have in my navy

I have six houses which means I still have a ton more to fill, and a ton left to decorate and perfect. the cycle of decorating never ends does it?
                                                              5. collecting mounts...
I myself am not a avid mount collector, but it is indeed noteworthy. if you don't want to buy a membership or already spent crowns on all the areas you can collect mounts. by doing this you can pick any mount you please whenever. going to a costume party? I would pick my armada outfit and my clockwork wings. mounts can add to your outfit or just show off that you've been around awhile...or you could do this with them...
I'm talking about the special ones, like goro (the ape) where you have to beat gortez 25 times or the sumo watermole which you have to beat ratbeards captor 3 times (do the dungeon 3 times killing him 3 times in one go doesn't work I'm afraid) even the bears and dinos from the packs. these things take awhile which eases the mind about no updates. try it out see how many you can collect
7. pets...
pet hatching is a great way to pass the time. you can hatch them to fight each other in the arena or hatch them to get that perfect pet to fight along side you. either way it takes up allot of time getting the snacks, getting the gear, training, and perfecting your pet. also collecting the hybrids and trying to find new ones, always fun and a race to see who finds the next one first. farming for pets works here to, gortez drops a few for example, my pet drops from him and its pretty cool looking to.
8. helping other people out...
I know this one is obvious but doing it in high level places where you need some gear is a bonus, you might get what you want and the other person gets to finish the game (if your really grumpy about it think about they will get stuck waiting to) for example I helped some people out with a dungeon and I got the redcoats livery. been farming for it awhile, decided to help and got it. you obviously have the time so why not do it.
9. making new characters...
have you done all the classes yet? if you haven't do the rest, same story line but different interactions and quests. even if you have no doubt you forgot allot of it. take off all the stuff and put it on your main and delete or start over, or if you don't want to make a new account (friend the lower level with your max so you can be friends with yourself) starting over may be a pain, but at least you know the mechanics for each class when you start over, and it will be fun to re experience it as a lower level.
10. sitting around doing nothing...
this may seem like a joke but it really isn't. if your in for some drama head over to Avery's court on Avery realm and wait for it to happen. this ties in to the other things to, showing off your mount. helping people, and being close to the bazaar if you want to do some bazaar farming. People will tell you to get active but for once I'm telling you, you don't have to. well that's all for now. I wish you luck with your endeavors in fighting the boredom. best wishes...

Jack Nightingale/Skullbreeze sailing through the fiery winds of Avernus

Jack and armadatraz episode I

                                              Jack & armadatraz: the great escape part 1

It was a normal day for jack nightingale and his crew, hunting for treasure and dropping water balloons on armada so they would short circuit. But after sneaking in to an armada dreadnought in Marlybone and blowing it up they ran into a little trouble, an entire armada fleet waiting for them. After taking care of them they fled to the nearest stormgate which unfortunately was to Valencia. In the stormgate fighting there way through a certain pyromaniac rat blew up the ship while they were fighting a prison ship on its way to fort Elena, now under armada control. But before I can tell you the rest of this story I’m going to tell you another. A long time ago very recently in a spiral far far away if you don’t drive a great adventure took place THE END.

Ratbeard:“You call that a story? Pshaw”

Jack:“Be quiet you rat last time you told a story the puppet show was nothing but a bunch of random explosions”

Kobe:“Enough of this conflict, continue with show.”

Hawkules“Did you know my father is Zeus?”

Jack:“Hey, did you know I don’t care? Anyways…”

The crew of the small but powerful Marlybone skiff “the Westminster warrior” was sitting in an armada jail ship, and…



Ratbeard:“Oh just because I blew up the ship I can’t celebrate the season”

Jack:“You can celebrate once were out of here… wait, you blew up the ship?”

Ratbeard:“You blamed it on me in the story didn’t you?”

Jack:“I was being realistic! I’m going to rip off your beard you rat, come here!” sorry were having technical difficulties please enjoy this new story while you wait.

“Jessica, you’ve been acting strange lately, what is wrong?” “Oh brad, I’ve wanted to tell you this for a long time” “yes, what is it?” “I… I…” we now return you to your previously scheduled story already in progress…

Jack:“Now that Ratbeard is… tied up, I can continue…”

Hawkules:“Did you know…” Jack:“That 100% of household accidents happen in the house, yes, yes I did.”

Hawkules:“I was going to say that a day technically has 23.9 hours but whatever”

Gracie:“Leave the technical things to the only person who knows what a piston is.”

Kobe:“Also did you know that the seedy things on a strawberry are actually the fruit?”

Jack:“Interesting Kobe, now can I continue with the story?”


Hawkules“Did you know my father is Zeus?”

Jack:“BE QUIET!”

The crew now in fort Elena were being marched to their cell. “March prisoners, one to three four one to three four.”

Armada:“You! Pirate captain the warden wants to see you.”

Jack:“It was Ratbeard!”


Armada:“No captain the warden asked for you specifically. He used the term, you pirate scum”

Jack:“This is all your fault ratbeard”

Ratbeard:“Why me?”  

Bonnie:“You git, you blew up the ship remember?”

Ratbeard:“Oh yaaa, but who leaves a bunch of gunpowder open in the room where the ammunition and cannons are?”

Jack:“That would be everyone Ratbeard”

Jack:“Okay here’s the wardens office, he can’t be too bad” with that jack opened the door to meet the person who would give him the sentence to how long he would stay. “Oh no I don’t like the looks of this.” 
Welcome Fellow avernus daredevils! Just an announcement. I'm going to post a fan fiction mini series, I sent a submition to pirate101 and it was published but sadly they stopped accepting them after that (maybe mine was just so good they wanted to end them after that) next week there will be another guide but on the wreck of the victory dungeon. (I know every micrometer of that place.) It includes a guide on how to get past rooke to get the stone and not fight him. Thank you all and watch your head, don't let the drakes hit you on the way out

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Guide to the buccaneer class
The buccaneer class from what I've experienced has been looked somewhat down upon. That's mainly because people don't use the class properly.

 I see allot of "bucks" use them mainly as tanks. True that is what they were designed for but with this class you have to think outside of the design. I personally  (and it's effective) try to balance my damage with my armor. And I factor in my shields to such as leavy.

 Companions are a MAJOR important factor when it comes to the class. For a effective crew get 2 bucks (Peter quint) and another of choice. I use goro (get him by beating gortez 25 times then pay crowns to buy him) I set them with high armor, dodge, strength, and rough. This gives them the ability to take some hits and give them back. I like to give them the ability to deal numerous attacks in one turn defense and offence. Try to do that and for a swashbuckler for example will go down much faster. Get a damage companion in there. Nausica is great she is a ranged/melee attacker. If you don't have her I suggest bonnie. Remember to get as much attacks in them as you can, they can be the choice of defeat or victory (ex. Final battle of second dungeon of troy. I and my companions were dead except bonnie. All I'm going to say is she made me a snake skin hat) I'll be showing some pics on my gear, companion set ups and where to get the gear

 Bucks are tanks and are designed to be able to take enenimes mono a mono here's a strategy I find most effective on those fights. Let the enemy come to you. Go to a corner and set you and your tanks around your damage dealer (if you use Nausica stay near her at all times and don't be afraid to retreat her.) For fights with friends stay with them. Spread your tanks out to different groups and take the damage dealer with the group doing the least damage. Your the tank, do your job and tank as many people as you can (do as much damage as you can also)

 Unique fights: for these fights change your crew a bit. Like for gortez, I would use kobe he can move faster so use that. Use your charges on the farthest monkey (ect.) Hydra pick your tanks it's going to be a long fight (the rooke fight I'll get into later.) This requires lvling up all your crew but it's worth it (mainly because it won't bother you when you hit max)

 Farming: farming incase you dont know is beating someone over and over to gain something you desire. As a buck you areally great for this, you can do more fights faster while using up less yum-yum fruit. Like the time I farmed rooke for nearly a year day and night just to get the axe, but I got it *gives a cheer like groan*

 Basically, don't think that the class is described in the description of it, it's really what you do with it that describes it. I find this class more moldable into a new image than others, so what will you shape yours into?

Leave a comment on anything I might have missed (adding pictures tomorrow) have fun with the class, and you to will have people saying you are one of the best bucks they have seen (true story has happened on more than one occasion) good luck and good night
pictures on what to do with companions, gear to farm for, (note on peter I accidently picked agile I would pick strength)

pirate 3, turn the tide 2, relentless 3 vengeance strike 2, blade storm, second chance
                                  turn the tide, blade storm, relentless 3, vengeance strike 2
 quick adjust, burst fire 2, double tap 2, true grit (quick adjust is important it can get you the starting hit or continue the cycle)
 gear to farm for:

                                 tower of moo Manchu. in paths of penance in mooshu subata skyway
                        equipped: look above, not equipped the minotaur Aquila, Knossos
see crown shop click the ring icon go all the way down above the ring with the green jewel costs 2250 crowns

tower of moo Manchu, axe, acquired at the nefarious 5, 5th floor, staff moo Manchu top floor number 10
equipped: tower of moo Manchu, drops any floor also from group chests, gladiator gaiters: the empire bundle, costs 39 dollars can be bought on the pirate101 webpage click here
equipped: I got mine from bishop, he drops better than rooke but rooke also drops it. see above for the other one

(note these 2 are optional both drop from tower of moo Manchu equipped top floor and the other group chest or top floor and nefarious 5)
the equipped drops from rooke or bishop. again try bishop he drops more items. do the first bishop battle, go back out then repeat less time more bishop encounters. the one with assassin strike I would fight monkey kings doppelgangers, located in monkey kings cave.
pet you want to try to get:

you want to try to get a pet like this. I would trade the charm for turn the tide, but it will do. if you do get turn the tide and elusive use the staff of power.

those are the pictures I wish you luck if your starting a buccaneer or a old timer buck see you guys soon!
Hello fellow students of the spiral. I was thinking about making this a pirate101 fansite/blog and also a wizard101 blog. I'll be doing this by posting guides (about things I know for fact) for p101 (also keeping up with silver jack) and doing posts for w101 as a blog. If you need help knowing how to do something just comment and I'll see what I can tell you! I'll be seeing you (hopefully) all day tomorrow. And always remember to have fun  (and smash some armada and cast some spells for me )
part three of pirate adventure something old something new part 2

                                you older players like me remember when it wasn't these gals? and It was more than 3 if I remember correctly, ya fun times.

                  the angels don't have these moves when you encounter them next. so take note of them next time you start a new character

                            again that's new. although its a improvement. much more intimidating
                            time for the adolescent to steer the huge ship. what could go wrong?
                                         after about 7vs1 I made it. time to be a pirate!
                                                          hello all! see you all soon!