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Thursday, July 11, 2019

The 7 wonders of the Spiral. Pirate101 edition

Just a fun little post, I remembered there are 7 worlds in Pirate101 so I thought I would do a little travel guide to each worlds wonder, man made or not! Lets begin!

1. Skull Island: The great Volcano.

The great volcano can be seen from all over skull island, it is home to the waponi watermoles who worship the volcano as a god and rage ware with their neighboring watermole tribe, the Nui. If you are brave enough to enter be warned, more than just watermoles inhabit this volcano...

2. Monquista: The Monquista City Library.

The Monquista City library holds many texts both forbidden and not. The Library is a marvel of architecture and art which never ceases to amaze. Rumor has it the library played an important part in crowning the new King and Queen of Monquista...

3. Cool Ranch. The Traveling Medicine Show.

The Traveling Medicine Show is famous across Cool Ranch. Holding such attractions as buffaloons and Sky Serpents as well as real Bison Warriors, you can see why so many flock to the event when it comes to their skyway. However the main attraction is the Tyson fight, brave and foolish fighters challenge this legendary boxer for fame, glory, and a little bit of gold...

4. Mooshu: Chef Motomori.

Chef Motomori is known all over the spiral as the best chef in existence. He has a knowledge of dishes and ingredients from exotic lands and is highly requested by famous people. He is probably best know as the Iron Chef of Subata... 

5.  Marleybone: The Isle of Fetch Boardwalk and Beach.

The Isle of Fetch was a popular resort town before the war. You could rent a room at Walkies hotel and then spend the day on the boardwalk playing games and riding the Ferris Wheel or build sandcastles on the beach and swim in the skyways. Unfortunately such activities had to be put on hold because of the war, for various reasons...

6. Aquila: The great city of Troy.

The city of snakes, Troy. It is an architectural beauty and an impenetrable fortress. It took 1000 ships full of Aquila's finest warriors to take this City. Even though its been plundered and partially destroyed its walls and palace remain in tact and still look stunning. Only time will tell if the Eagles will lay waste to it yet again further destroying its beauty...

7. Valencia: Sivella, the island of scholars.

Sivella is home to some of the most brilliant scholars in Valencia. The scholars here seem to ignore technological studies and focus more on the arts and literature. Currently the island is under Armada control. Who knows how much longer this will be a place for knowledge on all topics...

I hope you enjoyed! This was just a fun little post (probably will do wiz next week!) Cya in the spiral!


Thursday, July 4, 2019

Cool Ranch and the American civil war.

In honor of the 4th of July, i'm doing a theory about the USA. If you are wondering how that relates to these games then read the title again because it explains it all! If you haven't played through Cool Ranch then to put it simply, its the wild west. So, what is there to explain? It basically parallels the real world right? Well yes and no, who won the Cool Ranch civil war hasn't been thoroughly explained, all we know is its over.

 This line gives us all we need to figure out who won the war. We need to look at Captain Foote and see if we can figure out which side won and which lost. For reference, here is a picture of him.
Now, It's easy to think he was on the confederate side,seeing how he is titled renegade and has a brown outfit but lets take a closer look. His uniform is obviously very fancy and expensive, as well as his gun. The confederates in real life usually weren't like this. They usually had very simple clothing compared to the Union. So we see a bit of a mix. So what do we do now? We look at those connected to Foote. The obvious would be Masterson but lets look at Colonel Church instead, who we know is connected to Masterson and therefore connected to Foote.
Something look off? Well it should. The uniform is green. But whats similar between them? No not the gun or hat. I'm talking about the shoulder pads. They are both blue. This could mean which side they are on and uniform color could mean the rank. So does that mean the Union lost this war? My guess is yes.

 Right now the Cool Ranch Union is stuck in haunted skyway, a small fraction of what it once was. This is why we don't see Cool Ranch soldiers anywhere else except Renegades here and there. Law is entirely local and in places like Santa Pollo there is no one to stop new governments from taking over. My best guess is The Renegades won the war but at such a great cost they couldn't keep hold of what they won and the Union is so small they are struggling to hold on to one island. Right now Cool Ranch is in a state of a lawless power struggle. With the war over and the 2 sides unable to do anything desperadoes roam free and the law has to stick to their own islands. Meanwhile if any group is powerful enough they can take control of an entire skyway without much opposition.  

To sum it up, the Union lost the war but they took the Renegades down with them to the point they also can't do much. So as a result Cool Ranch doesn't have any law anywhere. That's all for this post and I hope you all have a good day! Cya in the spiral!


Thursday, June 27, 2019

Side quests, are they all worth doing?

So, here is a question, is doing all the side quests worth it? I will be looking at this problem from a narrative and game play point of view. I will start off with what it means to the story, conclude that argument, then on how it affects game play I will let you decide. After I make my argument's for both sides I'll do an overall worth. Lets begin!

First, I need to say I'm partial to doing all side quests. In pirate101 and wizard101 I do every side quest I can. So my view isn't totally unbiased.

The narrative/story aspect:

Alright, lets get the elephant out of the room, yes I know not all side quests are important to the main story. Some sides quests don't really affect anything to be honest. But I'm doing an overall view of all side quests so we are including those. So, back on topic. Looking at every side quest, you don't need to do most since a lot don't tie into the story. Going completely lore wise not doing every side quest is fine. However looking at it for the overall story of our wiz/pirate I would do every one. I talked about this before but there are 2 types of peace. positive and negative. To sum it up positive is the absence of violence and the presence of justice, meanwhile negative is just lack of violence. If we want positive peace, meaning no violence and justice in the spiral, we should do every side quest. Side quests are there to level you up and get gold and gear. However story wise, doing every side quest furthers our role as peacekeepers and makes the spiral a better place.

In conclusion, doing every side quest is better for the story since positive peace is achieved in every world we visit. This makes sense for our character (peacekeeper) and story wise, makes sense seeing that everything seems fine after we leave. Now, I'm not forcing you to do every side quest if you are playing for the story. To me it just makes sense that we do every side quest for the story.

The game play aspect:

This one is tough, you don't need to do every side quest to max but at the same time it makes it easier and you can get better gear. So I will just give you some pro's and con's and let you decide.


  • Better Gear while questing
  • You get to max earlier 
  • You have more gold
  • The story goes slower
  • You won't have as much time to do the main quest
  • It can be a pain sometimes
I'll let you decide. Personally I still do it because gold is good to have and being over leveled in areas is fun. 

The overall argument:

Overall, doing all the side quests makes sense and benefits the story and you. Sure it will take a good chunk of time out of your playtime but I would still do them. Game play only it's debatable but a lot of us don't just play to get to max, we also play for the story. Doing side quests makes the games easier in the long run. In the short run it takes time. But I still think that time is well spent. I get tons of jokes and puns from doing side quests and its rewarding knowing I did every side quest in game. It's up to you in the end, after all it's your choice. Just know if you do start to do all the side quests, your friends are going to be waiting on you a lot! Cya in the spiral!