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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

MB, good or bad?

This is my opinion and probably mine alone but I think MB is the bad guy in the MB/VA war. My reason? Blind Mew on the official message boards stated that MB knew we were the ones that did the things that started the war. So why is this all that bad? Simple, if they knew why did they go to war with VA? They could have explained it was us and not them. So here is my theory on why they are the bad guys.

Most likely MB was waiting for an excuse to start war with VA. They were afraid of their power, and what it might mean for the MB empire. Because of this they readily accepted this chance at war, hoping to win and weaken VA for good. However VA was much stronger than anticipated and many lives were lost because of this. When you and bonnie went to MB they were suspicious of you because you started the war, the war they wanted. To be fair the suspicion is justified, however we did give them what they want. So during the war lives are lost and there is much hardship, but what about after? Most likely there will be more hardship, war costs money and that means more taxes which means more desperation and more crime. MB wanted a war, they got a war they thought would be over quick and help them in the long run but it hurt them in the short and long run.

In conclusion MB knew we caused the war, did nothing to stop it and tried to get personal gain from it. It backfired and now everyone suffers. While this was a short post I think I got my point across. sorry for the short posts today, 3 posts is kind of hard... Cya In the spiral!



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