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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Throwback Thursday! my 5 favorite posts and p101 stuff!

So here are my five favorite posts and five favorite p101 stuff!

1: The finale of Jack and armadtraz! So I did my first ever fan fiction In early 2015, submitted it to p101 (who were VERY picky about fan fictions since they got so many and accepted so few) and it was accepted! however after that month they no longer accepted fan fictions and my story wasn't done! So part of the reason I made this blog was to finish the saga of Jack and armadatraz!

2: How Wyatt Chirp Died. While not my favorite theory, it did answer a question a lot of people asked. So I am quite proud of the fact I was able to answer a question Blind Mew wouldn't!

3: The spiral is doomed! Again not my favorite theory, I put a lot of work into it, so much it saddens me more people didn't check it out. But that's okay because I know its good!

4: An explanation on the timeline! This is my favorite theory, its number 4 because while I put a lot of work into it I feel like it could be better. but it basically says our pirate is older which I like!

5: Who is the most powerful enemy in W101? Another theory, but my favorite W101 only theory. it really makes you think which I like about it.

Pirate101 stuff
1: Golden chickens! I love them, favorite deco, I don't need to explain why...

2: Mighty steed mount: Who wouldn't love it, its a coconut that makes you go fast and its a movie reference!

3. The armada elite gear. Hard to get yet worth it. It looks so good I could cry.

4. Houses. I love them all. they look good, are fun to decorate etc. etc.

5. The style. not a thing I know but the style of the gear on the worlds looks amazing, especially MB gear. Perfection at its most, well perfect.

that's all, expect a spooky theory on the undead later! See you in the spiral!



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    1. Thank You! While I can't always do top quality because of college, I do try to do quality over quantity. I generally don't like sites that spew content. I am actually going to go back on some of my older posts and spellcheck them. Once again thank you! And do have a good day :D