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Saturday, June 11, 2016

War In The Spiral. a pirate101 post

Lets talk about the future of the spiral. War mainly, our pirate has joined, started, and ended wars. So lets talk about the possibility of a war we can't enter due to us already having ties with both sides. I'll be talking about  2 different wars, a new Napoleguin war, a Monquista Marleybone war, lets start with the Marleybone Monquista, since that would be likely to happen first (due to Napoleguin would still have to rebuild his army and navy as well as working on the government) Shall we begin?

The MQ/MB war:
The history: Marleybone and Monquista have a shaky history. After the Polaris wars there were 3 superpowers 1 valencia 2 Marleybone 3 monquista Marleybone happened to start out rough with monquista who made most of their money out of skull island. Not much is known about how MB an mq got a bad relationship but my guess is 1 rivalry between superpowers of the spiral. This would obviously create tensions between them also the fact monquista claiming rule over MB land (ex Krokotopia) but onto how I think the war would turn out
 First lets look at MB in a war with heavy losses, rebellions trying to overthrow the government and seen in both games massive crime rates. MB wouldn't be ready for another war and could very well lose to monquista but then again let's look at mq
Monquista is facing problems also the monqusition is corrupt there are other rebels (the renegades) and as it has been stated their navy isn't that big which could mean trouble if they started war. Especially since they have no guns meanwhile MB is advancing in technology every day (ex the golems) an advantage MB has over monquista is of course their supplies.  All MB would have to do is block monquistas stormgates and monquista would be without water but at least monquista isn't already at war!
Our role in this. We have ties to both worlds we served in the Marleybone navy and was made a captain in it. And we brought the monquistan king and queen to power. I think we could only remain neutral in all this or risk losing the trust of one party. If we had to choose I would say we go with monquista they have access to stormgates we need and we have a longer history with them. Moving on!

A new Polaris war
In history napoleon came back a second time (Also I believe it was his nephew or grandchild that tried to take over the world also.) No need to explain the history just watch catbeards puppet show.
Our role this one is tricky since monquista owes napoleguin a gear debt and we are (mutual) friends with him after we save him from prison. I would say we don't switch sides like other pirates but stay out of this one too. This would be as a good as ever reason for our pirate to go to Polaris. Although it may be awhile it might happen. But until then we will keep smashing armada!

-jack currently training bone drakes

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